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Stitching Handmade Western Boots Since 1999

Schedule your fitting today in the Corvallis, MT area

Whether you're working hard all day or tearing up the dance floor all night, you want your boots to fit the contours of your feet perfectly. Too much wiggle room, and you'll be dealing with constant pain and blisters. For handmade Western boots that keep on going 24/7, trust Mitchell Custom Boots in Corvallis, MT.

Each pair of our custom-made cowboy boots are a labor of love. You'll have a premium custom boot that will last you for a lifetime.

Call today to discuss every detail of your custom-made cowboy boots.

What to expect when you place an order

Every single set of boots we make is entirely unique. When you place an order for your handmade Western boots, we will:

  • Travel for a fitting or visit our shop
  • Take down precise measurements for length, width and preferred height
  • Choose a leather (bull, ostrich, gator or stingray)
  • Discuss colors, styles and fillers

We can also customize each boot with your own personal brand, logo or initials. Our meticulous workmanship using premium leather will guarantee the highest quality boots you've ever owned.

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