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Never Throw Away a Perfectly Good Pair of Boots

Bring them to us for Western & cowboy boot repair services in Corvallis, MT

True Western boots are meant to be a lifetime investment. While you might throw away your sneakers when the sole wears thin, boots can always be restored and repaired. Mitchell Custom Boots offers skilled Western boot repair from our shop in Corvallis, MT.

Whether you purchased your boots from us or from another competitor, you can set up cowboy boot restoration services to make them look like the day you bought them. Call now to speak with us about Western boot repair.

Tips for keeping your boots in perfect condition

Cowboy boots are meant to be worn in tough conditions. But that doesn't mean you should leave dirt and mud caked on after a long day. Routinely cleaning your boots is a great habit to prolong their life span and keep them looking sharp. If you own handmade boots, you should:

  • Use a damp cloth or brush to remove dirt and dust
  • Massage in a small amount of leather conditioner
  • Polish your boots to remove deeper scuffs and scratches

Suede or snake-skin boots should never be polished, so it's important to pay attention to your boot's material before cleaning. For the best possible results, send them to us for a cowboy boot restoration. We'll even resize boots you've purchased from other vendors to fit you perfectly.

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